About the Cd-Rom of Printing Society


A brief introduction.

Each book is on sale with a cd-rom included, this is a free gift for everyone who works with a computer, the cd-rom contains all the artworks of the book, but don't contains any software.
This means that the cd-rom can be used only if you dispose of one or more of the software listed below, otherwise it will be of no use and Printing Society will take no responsabilities.
The text in the cliparts has been "converted to curves" to insure compatibility with all popular programs that accept EPS files

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Contents of cd-rom.

The cd-rom contains all the illustrations of the book, their number -about 500-700 clipart- depends on the book you have chosen.
All the illustrations on the cd-rom are vector files in EPS format, this means that our Cd-Rom works with any vector graphic software application. The files can be resized infinitely without loss of resolution or detail, and printed on any PostScript output device at any resolution without loosing its detail or clarity. You can also work with bitmap painting softwares, in this case you are recommended to choose a suitable resolution by file opening.

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Software and hardware requirements.

The illustrations on cd-rom are made with Adobe Illustrator and this is the best software to edit the files, other software such as Corel Draw, Macromedia Freehand, and Deneba Canvas are also suitable for editing vector EPS files.
You can also work with bitmap painting softwares, such as Photoshop, Corel PhotoPaint or similar, in this case you are recommended to choose a suitable resolution by file opening.
Please be sure to use the latest versions of the softwares, as some of the older versions are unable to support this file format. If you don't know if your software work with the vector EPS, download the free samples, and try to import the file into your application

. Our Cd-Rom works on Windows computers as well as on Macintosh.
- Windows users: Pc 486 or pentium with Windows 3.1 or higher
-Macintosh users: PowerMac or better with System 7.0 or higher
-For both: at least 16MB RAM, Cd-rom player, Postscript printer.

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How to open the files.

- From Menu choose: FILE.

- "OPEN" or "IMPORT" - depending on your software - to open the dialogue box. If you don't know if you have to open or import pictures into your application, please consult your program's manual and read the section on how to import or open graphics, or download one of the free samples below listed and try on you computer.

- WARNING: if you don't work with Adobe illustrator don't open the files by double-clicking.

Select Cd-Rom drive.

- If you are importing, select *.AI or *.EPS Adobe Illustrator from the file type pop-up menu

- WARNING: Together with *.EPS file, you will find another one with the same number but marked as *.AI (Adobe Illustrator): the newest upgrades of showed softwares allow you to work with both: you are however recommended to use the *.EPS file. If you work with older version, you are recommended to use the*.AI files.

- Select the desired page number..
(Files on Cd-Rom are marked with the same book page numbers.)

- Select : " OPEN" or "IMPORT".
When you open the desired file, if you see the vectorial stucture of the artwork, you are acting correctly and you can go on with your work. If you see the illustration as a bitmap image, the procedure is uncorrect. please go back to the first step of this instruction,and check where you are wrong.

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